Made by Schmidt + ClemensInnovative power at a high level

Family enterprise Schmidt + Clemens has been combining tradition and innovation for 140 years. Today, we operate one of the largest research and development departments in the special steel foundry industry. Twenty-five engineers, scientists and materials specialists work on new materials and product innovations “made by Schmidt + Clemens” every day.

Superior quality – this is the constant challenge that S+C sets itself. Direct contact with our customers, and collaboration with respected research institutes and universities worldwide, help our experts develop market-oriented innovations.

Innovation for your competitive advantage
Our goal is to consistently offer you the best available technology. For this purpose we run an innovation centre that is unique within our industry.

Research + Development

Any industrial purchaser that installs ''Made by S+C'' high performance steel products expects superior metallurgical qualities in all respects. Superior quality - this is the continuous challenge that S+C constantly strives to achieve. Therefore the Schmidt + Clemens Group relies on an intense dialogue with customers, research institutes and universities as well as on highly motivated employees.

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Materials Testing

Superior quality requires continued metallurgical and manufacturing engineering progress for the various areas of industrial application. Integrated construction and materials consulting expertise and comprehensive technical service characterise the competence of the Schmidt+Clemens Group as a leading high performance steel specialist with a world wide presence.

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Production Methods

Highest Quality In Every PieceAs high-grade steel specialists we provide the complete range of casting technology

Spin Casting

This process is used to create components with a very pure an highly compressed structure. The products are free from impurities and and suitable as first-class high performance materials.

Static Casting

Mould cast products feature a high level of freedom in design, shape and dimensions that impress from the word go. Because this production process results in the customer’s desired shape right from the start, processing is not required, saving both time and money.

Precision Casting

Smaller, complex cast components in a range of sizes up to 25 kg and 400 mm length are best manufactured using the precision casting process. This gives an extremely good price–performance ratio, whether we are supplying rough-turned or finished, ready to use components.

Emergency Management

Emergency ManagementThe S+C Global Supply Network – Always available when you need it

One reason for our particular performance is our global production network and associated capacities. Production sites in Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia make the S+C Group the supplier with the largest production capacity in the world. This means we always have capacity available for emergency situations and can supply your requirements quickly.

But even when it has to be quick, we do not lose sight of the quality typical for all products "made by S+C". All of our locations are certified to ISO 9000:2000 and work according to a central quality control system. Beyond that the S+C Group is a certified supplier in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). 

The centralised project planning and management of your order is for S+C part of optimum emergency management. For you this means: Everything is in one competent hand and you have a personal contact partner who is totally familiar with all aspects of your order and its status in detail.

We Get to the Bottom of ProblemsAnalysing damages in detail and prevent them in advance

We also offer to research causes of damage and to develop solutions so that the same problems do not reoccur. The "best" type of damage is of course that which is anticipated but which does not even occur. Against this background you can also benefit from our computer-assisted prognoses for the remaining service life of tubes in operating furnaces. This gives you the chance to overhaul your plant during a planned shutdown rather than having to deal with an unplanned plant failure.


Certified PerformanceCertificates of the S+C Group

All of our international locations are, without exception, certified to ISO 9001:2008 and are at a uniformly high level of quality. We also have certification according to ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 from independent experts in the areas of environmental protection and occupational safety.

Below you find general and industry-specific certificates - available in PDF format and ordered by our production sites.


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