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Research + Development

Innovative – Ensuring That You Stay Ahead

Research and development plays a major role at S+C. We have to start shaping our future today.

Superior quality – this is the constant challenge that S+C sets itself. Direct contact with our customers, and collaboration with respected research institutes and universities worldwide, help our experts develop market-oriented innovations.

The technological heart of S+C is its Innovation Centre in Lindlar-Kaiserau, Germany (Headquarters). This is where our specialists develop new materials, material combinations and process optimisations. Innovative production processes often originate from our Innovation Centre. Our goal is to consistently offer the best available technology.

S+C’s Testing and Laboratory Centre, certified to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005, has for many years been a neutral body for the development, testing, examination and classification of materials. All tests can be monitored by approval and classification organisations such as the TÜV, LRS, GL or a company’s own approval and quality assurance departments.  

S+C Service Range

  • Market monitoring
  • Teamwork and exchange of experience
  • PR activities
  • Knowledge pool
  • Materials qualification
  • Patent and brand protection
  • Results assimilation in new S+C products
  • Global R+D network
  • Circulation to subsidiaries

S+C Materials Lab

  • Determination of mechanical properties
  • Metallography / Structural analysis
  • Corrosion testing
  • Analytics
  • Heat treatment
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Vacuum melting plant
  • Spin casting facility

Globally Unique

Our XCS 3000 test bed

The XCS 3000 test bed by Schmidt + Clemens is both new and unique. Here, new high-temperature material developments conceived by the Schmidt + Clemens Group are tested in real conditions created by a steam cracker.

This new testing approach is a global first and allows the S+C materials experts to test and reinforce alloys quickly and systematically. The particular advantage of this test bed for our customers is obvious. S+C materials can be tested in an environment which corresponds exactly to the customer’s actual furnace conditions. This testing approach allows Schmidt + Clemens to tailor its services precisely to each customer’s individual needs. Here, the focus is on material selection, tube design and the furnace’s operating conditions.


Annual Report 2022

Research and Development


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