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S+C donation marathon: €15,000.00 for good causes

Stainless steel specialist shows its commitment to the region

Lindlar, October 15, 2020 - For the fourth time now, the German business magazine CAPITAL, together with the talent platform Ausbildung.de and the human resources marketing-experts at TERRITORY EMBRACE, has embarked on the quest to find Germany’s best training employers. With a score of 4 out of 5 possible stars, Schmidt + Clemens (S+C) is one of the outstanding business enterprises in the “Vocational Training” category.

“The vocational training provided at Schmidt + Clemens has always been rated as very strong and sound. The repeated distinction is also a clear indication that the investment in our own S+C Academy has been well worthwhile,” says Jan Schmidt-Krayer, the CEO of S+C. “The Academy is tasked with handling all of our basic and further training activities. And along with our own apprentices and trainees, we also provide the training for other businesses located nearby.”

The survey, which involved answering a catalog of over 90 detailed questions, was conducted from the end of March to the middle of June – i.e. just when the entire German economy was operating in Coronavirus mode. Nevertheless, more than 660 business enterprises participated in the CAPITAL study, an increase of eleven percent on the previous year. The responding entities account for some four million employees and 138,000 apprentices/trainees, and include major publicly quoted companies and sizable public bodies, as well as a large number of SMEs and craft businesses.

S+C invests continuously in its training activities. Consequently, the training workshop is equipped as standard with such things as modern metal cutting machines, for example, along with 3D printers and an online training platform. Three S+C staff member are employed full-time in training, supported by around 25 colleagues in the various work departments. “We attach great importance to ensuring that all our training staff not only have the necessary technical knowledge at their fingertips, but also undergo training themselves in teaching methodology and didactical skills,” states Uwe Leimbach, in charge of training at S+C, and adds, with a twinkle in his eye, that it is now even more worthwhile than ever to apply for an apprenticeship or traineeship place at S+C for the year 2021.

Publication is free of charge, but we kindly request a copy for our files.

On November 30, 2020, therefore, Jan Schmidt-Krayer will be presenting checks with donations to the following bodies and organizations:

The Voluntary Fire Service of the Municipality of Lindlar: €5,000.00
The check will be handed to Dr. Georg Ludwig, Mayor of Lindlar, and First Alderman Michael Eyer

“Unsere Speisekammer”, a foodbank operating in Lindlar and Frielingsdorf: €1,000.00
The check will be handed to Heinz Wüste of the Catholic Parish of Lindlar

The “Seniorengemeinschaft”, an Old Folks organization in the Parish of St. Apollinaris: €500.00
The check will be handed to Ms. Katharina Hagen

On December 3, 2020, checks will be presented to:

The “Johannes Hospiz Stiftung”, a hospice foundation in Wiehl: €2,500.00
The check will be handed to Dr. Jorg Nürmberger

Teamwork Africa e.V.: €5,000.00
The check will be handed to Dr. Stephan Schwabe

The “Oberbergische Tafel e.V.”, a regional foodbank organization: €1,000.00
The check will be handed to Mr. Ullrich Pfeiffer

“As a family-owned enterprise, we also have a sense of responsibility towards the people in our region,” Jan Schmidt-Krayer emphasizes. “Consequently, S+C has been supporting charity projects, amateur and professional sports activities, as well as a variety of educational projects for many years”.

For a number of years now, S+C has been involved in the Lindlarer Student Prize and the Lindlar-Ost Elementary School with the aim of inspiring young people with enthusiasm for the natural sciences. The partnership with the various educational levels provided by Gummersbach Independent Christian Denominational School is another example of the role played by S+C in the region.

“Unfortunately, we are not able to respond positively to all requests for donations and sponsoring, as there are quite simply too many,” Jan Schmidt-Krayer says with regret. “But we look very carefully at all the projects involved before making our decisions.”


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