07/19/2023 – Category: Press Releases

Together to success:

Handball meets career at Schmidt + Clemens

Gummersbach/Lindlar, July 18, 2023. At Schmidt + Clemens (S+C), we are not only proud to recognize the fascinating parallels between the sport of handball and our dynamic everyday professional lives - we also use them to achieve extraordinary success! Just in time for the season opener of the professional handball players of VfL Gummersbach, S+C launches its new employer branding campaign.

As a proud top partner, we will be at the side of the talented handball players of VfL Gummersbach in the upcoming session with our full support as official top partner. We know that the road to triumph is equally demanding both on the playing field and in the business world. Precision, team spirit and continuous commitment are the cornerstones that make the difference.

Just like in handball, at S+C we focus on dedication, passion and determination. We recognize that the same determination that drives our partner team on the field also forms the basis for our global success in.

The symbiosis of ambition, technical know-how and the relentless pursuit of improvement drives us - whether in handball or in our daily work. We believe that these values are the basis for exceptional performance, which is possible wherever passion and determination meet.
Together, we want to storm towards success - whether on the playing field or in the business world. At S+C, we know: The road to greatness begins with the first step toward excellence!

At VfL Gummersbach's season opener this Saturday, our employees will be on hand with a booth at Heiner-Brand-Platz in Gummersbach to answer questions about a job at S+C. Come by so that #deingrosserwurf succeeds!


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