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S+C is brimming with decades of experience with different alloys, operating in all types of water, especially when it comes to complex applications and the use of stainless steels in sea water environments. Top quality materials and excellent manufacturing techniques ensure our products are extremely resistant to corrosion when used in “rough weather”.

S+C assists you to improve your protection against the most adverse environmental conditions, during extended periods of operation and longer maintenance intervals. Choosing S+C provides you with cost benefits and is an investment in the future of your plants and components.

With its diverse production processes, the S+C Group offers spun cast products in addition to static and precision cast components, all from a single source. With our marine and offshore expertise, we are able to work with you in order to customise the manufacturing method and then combine this with our high-quality materials so that you get the best possible value for money.

The S+C Portfolio

  • Customised pumps and valves for oil drilling platforms
  • Liners for steering gear
  • Collar and sealing bushes
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Valve seat rings
  • Fire extinguisher pumps

S+C High Performance Materials

  • Duplex
  • Super Duplex
  • Lean Duplex
  • Antimagnetic materials
  • Special Alloys

We are there to keep a steady hand on the tiller

For decades S+C products have been demonstrating their benefits in oil, gas and geothermal plants and in components used in ship construction around the world. The wide range of highly specialised materials, from duplex and super duplex steels through to antimagnetic materials and customised alloys, offers solutions for all requirements in the marine and offshore areas. It improves performance and ensures the durability of your equipment. 

That‘s why Schmidt + Clemens is one of the few manufacturers of marine and offshore steels that is certified under NORSOK standard M-650, Rev. 3.

If the worst should happen then our years of experience will help you to „weather the storm“. The experts from the S+C emergency team, equipped with their procedural expertise and working in close collaboration with their colleagues in the S+C laboratory services, come on board to investigate the causes of the damage and offer solutions which are unique in the industry.

Ship Shape

  • NORSOK certified
  • Expertise developed over decades
  • Mechanical machining from a single source
  • In-house test procedures and pilot plants
  • Approval through almost all regulatory bodies

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