Separation Technology

Separation Technology

Quality, that separates us from the rest

S+C is one of the most competent system providers of high quality stainless steel components such as drum bodies for centrifuges. Products including decanters and separators are used in separation technology to mechanically separate solids from liquids. Our production and supply range covers static mould and precision cast stainless steel components as well as spun cast products.

Our research and development department is constantly working to expand our extensive range of materials. We offer a large spectrum of different stainless steels and work together with you to find the optimal solution for your area of application. From separating solids and liquids in industrial waste water, separating olive oils, purifying heavy fuels and in special uses for the pharmaceutical industry, we will develop the perfect stainless steel solution for you. Our materials are extremely durable and robust, making them an absolute must - and not only in aggressive areas of application such as the chemical industry.

S+C stainless steels are high performance materials that are exactly adapted to suit your needs, from lightweight precision cast parts to heavy duty spun cast drums.

The S+C Portfolio

Our supply range includes spun-, static mould-, precision- and shell mould cast components. We manufacture cylindrical and conical drum bodies with an outer diameter of up to 1800 mm. In addition, S+C has a mechanical production site that is optimally equipped. The drum bodies leave S+C either as rough-turned parts to be further machined by the customer or as ready-to-use system components. Of course, all turning, welding, boring and milling work is carried out at our production site in Germany. S+C products are approved worldwide by all regional classification organisations.

We Strive To Give You The Competitive Advantage

Individually customised solutions tailored to your area of application are our strength. We work alongside you to find the exact solution you need, using our high performance steel to meet your requirements. If we do not have the optimal material in the standard program at S+C, we make it for you.  

We also manufacture rotation symmetric parts (e.g. pipes or liners) made from stainless steel to the specifications in your drawings. In addition, we produce drum bodies, gasket supports or stainless steel liners to be integrated into your centrifuges and decanters in any established material.

Customisation does not stop there, we also use a large spectrum of production processes, including spin casting, precision casting and static mould casting. This flexibility makes it possible for us to supply you with the perfect product. Our extensive capacity is topped off with a broad list of machining options, thanks to our diverse welding and testing processes.

We Are Not Just Sitting Pretty

Our highly qualified employees have well-grounded expertise in materials and design. The S+C materials range accommodates conventional and tailor-made alloys.

Our experts are constantly improving our materials and production processes and have obtained their own S+C patents. Beside detailed advice, we also provide our customers with an opportunity for some brain storming as part of the “S+C stainless steel academy”. We demonstrate our expertise in the field of separation technology in publications and presentations about our innovations at international conventions, and in seminars and workshops.


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Separation Technology


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