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Competence comes from capability

When you choose S+C, you are opting for the maximum range of production processes and innovative materials. By selecting our services, you are also making a crucial decision that may give you a competitive advantage. Design and materials consulting, mechanical machining, system components that can be integrated and the expertise of our research and development departments make S+C more than a “parts supplier” — we are your partner for complex components “made by S+C”.

S+C design and materials advice allows you to take advantage of the combined expertise of 140 years of experience in the development of high performance materials. With the competence of a market leader, our experts can show you ways to achieve better performance, longer service life or lower manufacturing costs by the use of alternative production methods or optimised material choices.

S+C research and development is one of the largest specialist departments in the industry. Our experts are recognised as the top rank in the field of material- and process innovations — unique expertise that we happily share with you.


  • Material and design consulting
  • Laboratory services
  • Welding
  • Mechanical machining
  • Solidification simulation
  • Damage analysis
  • X-ray inspection

Laboratory Services

  • Are certified by the German Accreditation Council to comply with DIN EN ISO/ IEC 17025:2005. Acting as independent parties, our experts will be happy to conduct metallographic inspections, corrosion tests and spectral analyses, as well as to determine mechanical properties.

S+C Welding

Our TÜV Rheinland certification shows that we understand our craft. We have proven that we meet both the welding technical quality requirements as per DIN EN ISO 3834-2 as well as the “comprehensive quality requirements“. You can rely on us.

Our Service Is Your Advantage

S+C is your specialist for mechanical machining of any stainless steel components. Our expert knowledge turns raw parts into ready to use system components, all in the same manufacturing facility.

X-Ray Inspection

Two X-ray bunkers feature state of the art technology for S+C radiography. Examinations of the products themselves are conducted in addition to X-ray inspection of welded joints. Walls up to 350 mm thick can be penetrated by the radiation at our S+C plant in Lindlar-Kaiserau.rt. In unserem S+C Werk Lindlar-Kaiserau können Wandstärken von bis zu 350 mm durchstrahlt werden.

Solidification Simulation

At S+C we use solidification simulation, because we want to know beforehand how we can best optimise your cast part. For us, it is not just about the high quality of our products, but also about how we can save you money. That’s why we use state-of-theart technology to simulate solidification of our sand cast parts. We want to provide you with suggestions on how to save money by modifying your cast part wherever possible.

Damage Analysis

Our experts at S+C are available to conduct a damage analysis if any damage occurs at your plant. Using our process expertise and working closely with our colleagues at S+C laboratory services, we are available to conduct research into causes of the damage and to suggest ways to avoid such problems in the future. Our certificates are always up to date and can be downloaded directly on our homepage


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