Karriere HR Strategie



Human Resources Strategy

Human Resources - Strategy of S+C

The HR strategy of S+C is based on our company mission statement, whereby the following mission statement elements:

  • A high level of social responsibility for people and the environment
  • being an attractive employer

and particularly

  • continuous employee and management development

are the starting points for the HR strategy.
From this, the S+C system of values is derived. The HR vision is based on these values.

To implement the mission statement, the system of values, and the HR vision, the employees and, in particular, the managers and management trainees require certain qualification features. For this reason, we have developed a general requirement profile for our managers covering behaviour, necessary skills, and leadership (manager profile).

In future, we will recruit managers and talent, assess, develop/promote, and recognise people who have potential that can be developed further based on this manager profile.


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