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The formation of coke in a typical Steam Cracker environment is an inevitable and complex phenomenon. Because of the pyrolysis reaction, thermally insulating hydrocarbon is deposited on the tube walls, so reducing the effective cross-sectional area. To ensure a constant mass flow through the plant, the furnace temperature must be raised continuously. Regular decoking of the furnaces is therefore necessary.

However, this problem can be reduced by selecting the proper tube metallurgy, such as Centralloy® ET 45 Micro or Centralloy® HT E. These alloys are the universally preferred choice especially for “hot” outlet passes and with their carefully controlled specific additions can produce a dense and ”self-healing” oxide layer. This is especially effective in limiting coke formation and subsequent carburisation thereby increasing the overall Furnace performance and extending the Radiant Coil life.


S+C Special Alloy

Centralloy® HT E

The S+C special alloy for the challenges of steam crackers

Developed by Schmidt + Clemens, the special alloy Centralloy® HT E is the optimal material for your steam cracker.

Due to the special composition of this alloy, a dense and self-healing oxide layer forms during the running up of the furnace that is especially effective in reducing the coking of the tube reactor.

  • Less decoking
  • Longer furnace run times
  • Lower carburisation
  • Higher cracking efficiency
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Longer furnace lifetime

The S+C Added Values

S+C – the high-grade steel specialist, that offers more than just tubes and fittings

When it comes to the application of our spun cast products in steam crackers, reformers or DRI plants, there is practically no situation that we cannot assist you with. To put it simply: We manufacture tubes, coils, reformer tubes, harps and manifolds for petrochemical application using the combination of know-how, quality and reaction speed that is unique to S+C.

S+C offers the full range in spun cast and static cast parts, i.e. tubes, return bends, elbows, Y-pieces, T-pieces and tetra-fittings all from just one source. Another advantage of S+C spun cast products is that we can manufacture entire tube assemblies such as harps and ethylene coils completely in-house. This benefits our customers because in addition to spun cast products, S+C also manufactures static cast products. S+C’s experience with both casting processes ensure that individual components are combined to give optimum results.

In addition to our high alloy systems being used in the radiant sections of process furnaces, it is the substantial added values that make S+C stand out from its competitive environment. The message is clear: Because we understand your installations and problems, we can increase your sales revenue and profits. We achieve this by optimising our products and services, allowing you to increase production volumes significantly.

Service from A-Z

S+C offers advice for the high alloy components in your furnaces throughout their entire life cycle. From design, through manufacture to delivery and installation, and then during a lifetime of operation and maintenance, S+C is your partner, assisting you in reducing the life cycle costs of our products.

Know-How Transfer

Our specialists and consultants know – due to their extensive experience in the petrochemical industry – the precise interaction of material and process and can recommend the optimum application and design of our products. Furthermore, we will also train your specialist welders in processing our materials or offer advise on other associated matters.

Process Optimisation

Our process / software specialists analyse your historic operating data with computer-assisted tools to identify trends and predict areas of improvement. Intimate knowledge of performance of our products ensures the right selection when evaluating maintenance and operational considerations.

  • Metallurgical services
  • Project management
  • Emergency deliveries management
  • Design support
  • Customer training
  • Installation support
  • Operational assistance and consulting
  • Operational data analysis
  • Performance and benefit forecast
  • Welding services

Components for Steam Crackers

S+C offers the full range in spun cast and static cast parts from a single source.


Outlet collectors

Burner tips

Inlet manifolds

Fittings (static casting)


Elbows (static casting)

Coil systems

Tube sheets

Bent tubes

Cracker tubes

Tetra fittings (static casting)


Transfer lines


U-bends (static casting)



Y-pieces (static casting)

SuperBent® (extreme narrow 3D-bending)

Convection zones


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