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The name Schmidt + Clemens has stood for high-quality special steel solutions for more than 140 years. Be it spun casting, static casting, investment casting or forgings, we will face your challenges head on.

The Schmidt + Clemens Group is active on the international stage. Besides its German headquarters in Lindlar-Kaiserau, S+C also has production facilities in Spain, the Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. Three corporate distribution companies in the USA, India and Brazil combined with over 30 commercial agencies consolidate our global presence.

Managing Board

Managing Board

At the head of the Schmidt + Clemens group in the fourth generation of the family is managing partner Jan Schmidt-Krayer who is taking over the chairmanship of the board. Another managing director is Dominic Otte, for the Production & Technology department. Together, they have worldwide responsibility for the family firm’s business.

Facts + Figures

Schmidt + Clemens Group 2021

2021 was now the second financial year of the coronavirus pandemic. It is still a major challenge for us to maintain contact with our worldwide partners. The vast majority of trade shows and conferences were cancelled or postponed into the year 2022. Travel restrictions also meant that we were unable to visit customers. But especially for us, as technological market leaders in our sector, it is important to identify trends at an early stage and develop individual solutions in consultation with our customers. We made use of video conferencing as well as virtual and hybrid trade show concepts so, as to still be able to offer the best possible service.

In spite of the difficult operating conditions of the world economy, we nevertheless achieved a good result in 2021.The adoption in good time of measure to protect against coronavirus infection meant that we avoided any significant rates of staff absence. Only the flooding that occurred in July of last year resulted in damage to both the buildings and machinery. The building restoration work and other repairs are now largely completed.


Schmidt + Clemens is an independent family enterprise that is proud of its tradition of more than 140-year and is looking with confidence into the future. We know our strengths, are continually building on them, and utilize them for the specific benefit of our customers. Values are the basis for everything we do. This includes customer relation ships in a spirit of partnership and pursuing a cooperative personnel management style, as well as other values such as honesty, responsibility, respect and tolerance. Our ability to act and react with autonomy and on our own responsibility makes us a fast-responding and dependable partner for our customers.

Schmidt + Clemens Group


The market conditions in which the family enterprise found itself having to operate in 2021 were more than challenging. The coronavirus pandemic, political crises, raw material shortages, supply bottlenecks and problems in worldwide logistics resulted in difficult, instable markets and business processes right across the board. Nevertheless, even in these tough times, S+C succeeded, thanks to the indefatigable effort and extraordinary flexibility of both the management and the entire workforce, in achieving a good operating result.

Company Performance


Sales in 2021 increased by about 49 million euros compared to the previous year, but in view of global economic conditions we were able to close the fiscal year with a good result. This was due on the one hand to a consistent cost-cutting program and on the other to the implementation of measures from the “Ambition 2020” corporate strategy. The balance sheet total was increased to €182,777k.



Innovation from tradition: 140 years of S+C

Founded in 1879 as a steel trading company in Frankfurt/Main, the Schmidt + Clemens Group can look back at more than 140 years of corporate history, marked by notable continuity and lack of stagnation. Today, the company group operates on a global scale.

1879 - 1950
1951 - 2001
2002 - 2021

Our Worldwide Locations

The Schmidt + Clemens Group is always on your doorstep.

In Addition to its German headquarters in Lindlar-Kaiserau, S+C also operates production sites in Spain, the Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. All of them have one thing in common: „Made by S+C“ is a hallmark for quality and safety.

In addition, three corporate distribution companies in the USA, India and Brazil combined with over 30 commercial agencies consolidate our global presence. 

Schmidt + Clemens GmbH + Co. KG

The headquarters in Lindlar, Germany, is home to three S+C companies. Highly-stressed special steel components and systems are produced here.


Schmidt - Clemens Spain S.A.U.

Schmidt - Clemens Spain is located at Murieta in northern Spain and specialises in the manufacture of spun cast components for petrochemical and DRI plants.


S+C ALFANAMETAL s.r.o. koncern

In Tršice near Brünn, S+C Alfanametal produces high-quality mould cast components for the petrochemical and chemical industries and hydro power stations, for example.

Czech Republic

Schmidt + Clemens (Asia) Sdn. Bhd.

Schmidt + Clemens Asia is located in Seremban/Kuala Lumpur, where it produces spun-cast components for the petrochemical industry.

Malaysia (Seremban)

Schmidt & Clemens Engineering Services Sdn. Bhd.

Schmidt & Clemens Engineering Services offers the installation of heat resistant pipe systems as well as services in everything to do with cracker and reformer furnaces.

Malaysia (Johor Bahru)

Schmidt + Clemens Saudi Arabia Ltd.

Schmidt + Clemens Saudi Arabia provides excellent on-site service, carrying out the installation of pipes and pipe systems, for example.

Saudi Arabia
Environment Management

Environment Management

Policies at S+C

As a company producing steel, S+C is under special obligations in relation to environmental protection, in particular in regard to dust, noise and sewage pollution. An additional focus consists of measures to save energy. The components of our environmental policy are crucially determined by operational conditions, effects on the environment and by the legal parameters that apply to us.

On the basis of its results, management will evaluate how appropriate and effective our management system has been in regard to complying with our environmental policy and, in case of shortcomings, will introduce suitable corrective measures.

The foundations of our environmental policy

We currently meet statutory environmental protection standards. We have made it our objective to ensure the standard that has already been achieved and to advance it further under rapidly evolving market conditions.

Achieving this has prompted us to introduce an environmental management system and to define our environmental policy more concretely with the following guiding principles:


Guiding principles in our environmental policy and commitment

  • Compliance with environmental regulations that apply to us.
  • Development of environmental objectives.
  • Defining and carrying out environmental programmes.
  • Aligning our environmental protection activities primarily to avoiding or reducing environmental pollution.
  • New plants, processes and materials must be tested in advance for their environmental friendliness.
  • Our employees' sense of responsibility for the environment must be encouraged by specific information and training.
  • Outside firms performing work on our premises in Kaiserau, and our tenants as well, must be put under an obligation to apply our environmental protection standards.
  • We should also strive to encourage strong emphasis on environmental protection on the part of our suppliers.
  • For newly developed products, our customers must be informed about those aspects that are relevant for the environment and about options for recycling.
  • Open dialogue must be conducted with the public and with public authorities.
  • Our environmental management system must be regularly tested with standardised procedures to see that it is applied and meets the requirements.
Guiding Principles

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