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S+C Academy

S+C Academy

The S+C Academy is an important part of the Human Resources Management department. This department is a training and development partner within the Schmidt + Clemens Group and provides modern systems and tools for this purpose.

Key tasks:

  • Providing expert knowledge, developing key qualifications, and strengthening handling competence
  • Furthering the assumption of responsibility, showing professional perspectives
  • Guaranteeing professional training (professional and personal qualification) of our trainees
  • Guaranteeing the optimum qualification of our employees (also with a view to future tasks)

Human Resources Vision

Based on the system of values, we develop the required skills and behaviors for employees so that we have responsible employees worldwide, who are motivated and capable in their areas of responsibility in order to contribute meaningfully to realising the S+C vision.

Fulfilment / Instruments:

Personnel Development

Communication of necessary qualifications and competences, including the assessment of potential and the development of managers and talent.
E.g. In-house seminars / training:

  • Guidance / Coaching
  • Conflict management (acc. to the Harvard Concept)
  • Giving / receiving constructive feedback

For about 100 managers / management recruits

Further Education

Imparting of knowledge in employee training; qualification measures for the daily activities and the future.


  • Technical courses / seminars
  • Language courses
  • IT user training
  • Technical seminars
  • Imparting of current technical know-how


After graduation from secondary school, an education / course of studies (bachelor's degree) can be pursued in a recognized profession.


  • Machine or plant operator
  • Plant mechanic, welding
  • Chip removal mechanic, lathing
  • Clerk for office communication
  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Industrial engineer for foundry technology  

Selection usually takes place through a thorough assessment centre evaluation and intensive interviews.

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Schmidt + Clemens GmbH + Co. KG
S+C Academy

Postfach 11 40 
51779 Lindlar

Phone: +49 2266 92-256


Charline Sadeghi

Manager Personnel- and Organizational Development

Phone: +49 2266 92-324


Lisa Smigaj

Administration Personnel- and Organizational Development

Phone: +49 2266 92-617


Uwe Leimbach

Training Manager

Phone: +49 2266 92-315


Melanie Schmidt

Training officer

Phone: +49 2266 92-481


Marcel Voswinkel


Phone: +49 2266 92-299


Lars Katzmarek


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