Common Machine Construction

Common Machine Construction

Exceptional performance right from the start

No industry places such diverse demands on design, materials and processing as machine and plant construction. With S+C products these demands are met from the very beginning:

With more than 60 years of experience, a groundbreaking material range and a wide variety of production processes, including mould and precision casting alongside spun casting, you can be sure to obtain individual solutions with an exceptional price/ performance ratio. Through close collaboration in the design phase we can, at your request, demonstrate the cost benefits of individual solutions.

This way we can work together to find the best possible solutions for your area of application, whether you need wear-resistant customised tools to bend pipes, components made of martensitic steels, duplex steels for sealing and filtration equipment or components with perfect surface structures for the food processing industry. Whatever you task us with, we will use our range of casting techniques, innovative materials and our team‘s expertise to develop the best possible solution for you.

The S+C Portfolio

  • Customised tools:
    Wear resistant alloys
  • Sealing and filtration equipment:
    Wear resistant, corrosion resistant, martensitic, ferritic austenitic steels
  • Food processing industry:
    Perfect surface structure, corrosion and acid resistant components in static, investment and spun casting
  • Desalination plants:
    Sea water and corrosion resistant, austenitic steels, duplex steels and special alloys

Progress Guaranteed

Spun, static or investment casting; corrosion and acid resistant or heat resistant; nickel based alloys, duplex steel or tempered steels: this flexibility makes it possible for us to supply you with the perfect product.

Because ”made by S+C“ means: we check which production method and which material is best suited to your requirements. As high performance materials, the stainless steels from S+C can be as diverse as your application requirements. Every day they prove their strength through their use in ”extreme conditions“ around the world.

Together with our high-quality stainless steels, our different S+C casting processes enable us to fulfill all your requirements in terms of performance, cost-effectiveness and individuality. On request we can deliver components either rough turned or ready to use. Individually customised solutions tailored to your area of application are our strength.

We are constantly developing our services, so we can meet any challenge you may throw at us.

The highly qualified employees of the S+C Group have wellgrounded expertise in materials and design. During our detailed S+C material and design consultation, we can work together with you to find new ways to achieve high-performance and cost-effective results.


Annual Report 2023

Common Machine Construction

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