Power Technology

Power Technology

We Can Revolutionise Your Power Facilities

For 140 years, S+C has been synonymous with market-leading quality, performance and innovation in the area of spun casting. Wherever high-performance steels are required, S+C products provide exactly what is important: reliability and durability. Thanks to its diverse production methods, which range from spun cast to static mould and precision cast components, the S+C Group is able to provide products, which consistently prove their worth in gas and steam turbines, hydroelectric plants and nuclear installations across the world.

Working in close cooperation with our customers from all areas of the power technology sector, we have consistently developed, improved and optimised our high-performance materials resulting in equal or better performance at a more economical price.

The S+C Portfolio

  • Power plants and turbines
  • Wind farms
  • Incineration plants
  • Recycling plants
  • Renewable power plants
  • Biomass power plants

The S+C Material Range

  • Chrome steels
  • Nickel-based materials
  • Duplex, Super-Duplex, Lean-Duplex
  • Customised alloys

We Turn Up The Power

Our material range offers solutions for all power technology requirements, improves performance and ensures the durability of your components. S+C high performance steel resist the corrosive and abrasive forces found in hydroelectric plants, gas and steam turbines and waste incineration plants.

If we do not have the optimal material in our product range, we at S+C will develop the exact customised solution you need. Furthermore S+C cooperate with the Federal Government in the area of renewable and alternative energy sources, which allow us to constantly increase our expertise in power technology. In addition to the high-quality materials used, our diverse production methods — ranging from spun casting through to static mould casting — mean we can offer you the very best solutions. S+C ensures a perfect result through the use of the best suited casting technique or combination of techniques every time.


Annual Report 2022

Power Technology

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