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Pump + Valve Construction

Pump + Valve Construction

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With decades of experience, S+C is a technical pioneer in high quality stainless steel cast components in the field of pump and valve construction. Our production processes range from vertical and horizontal spinning to static sand casting all the way through to precision casting.

The S+C range of materials covers wear-, oxidisation- and acid-resistant materials as well as high-alloy materials such as nickel-based alloys and duplex materials. Our wide range of different stainless steels provides the optimal solution for your area of application.

Whenever pumps, compressors and valves need to meet the highest demands of mechanical, thermal or corrosive stresses, we work alongside you to satisfy these requirements.

Components are delivered both rough machined and finish machined and ready to use, depending on the customer‘ s request.

Safeguarding Movement – Shafts Made from MÄRKER® Special Steels

Safety, reliability and longevity paired with the highest level of economic efficiency are the requirements that pumping plant components have to fulfill.

Schmidt + Clemens is taking on this challenge, producing both rough-turned and ready-to-install pump shafts from high-performance special steels in a modern production facility.

Pump shafts are the core elements of a pumping plant and are hence substantially responsible for fulfilling the above requirements. Resistance to aggressive media, very low shaft deflection, smooth running and the capacity to withstand load changes are qualities that ensure a long working life for a pump system and safeguard "movement".

High-Performance Special Steel Components

When it comes to pumps for heavy-duty industrial applications, shafts and pump blocks in special steel are the ideal solution. They combine safety, reliability and long service life with the highest degree of cost effectiveness. S+C is taking on the diversity of challenges in materials handling and fluid technology by employing modern manufacturing technology to produce rough-turned and ready-to-install shafts or cubic components from high-strength and corrosion-resistant special steels: forged, rolled, hardened and tempered, solution annealed or hardened.

The S+C Portfolio

Cast products manufactured by spinning, moulding or precision casting processes are used in the field of pump and plant construction. Shaft protection sleeves, split and seat rings, protective sleeves, pump housings, valve housings, impellers and guide wheels are manufactured using materials that are highly resistant against wear and corrosion.

Application Examples

  • Power plant technology
  • Seawater desalination plants
  • On- and offshore projects
  • Chemical plants
  • Industrial plants
  • General water transportation
  • Irrigation technology
  • Building of special ships

Production Options

  • Special heat treatment for achieving targeted processing of low-strain shaft blanks.
  • Comprehensive machining options: turning, milling, drilling, grinding
  • Finishing, including chrome-plating and non-destructive material testing

Our Expertise is Your Advantage

We are constantly developing to meet any challenge you may throw at us. The pump and valve components we supply are used in power stations or complex plants in the chemical industry, as well as other areas of application. In all of these areas it is particularly important for you to be able to rely on the quality of your supplier, S+C. We undergo regular audits conducted both internally and externally to provide records of our quality.

The highly qualified employees of the S+C Group have well-grounded expertise in materials and design. Our research and development department continuously works to further develop materials and production processes and holds many patents in its own right.

Solutions With Flexibility All From One Source

Whether spun, moulded or precision cast, your requirements can all be met in one place. Our large production capacity gives us the necessary flexibility to react quickly to last-minute orders.


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