12/16/2021 – Category: Press Releases

2nd S+C Donation Marathon

As in the previous year, Schmidt + Clemens (S+C) again supported several organizations in the region in 2021 and expressed its close ties with the Oberberg region. On December 15, the managing partner of S+C, Jan Schmidt-Krayer, presented donations to the following organizations:

German Red Cross (DRK): drone with camera.
Technical relief organization (THW): € 5,000.00
Fire departments of the community Lindlar: 5.000,00 €
Frielingsdorf senior citizens' community: € 500.00

S+C had already supported the Tafel Oberberg e.V. with € 1,000.00 on the trainees' Social Day.

The willingness of S+C employees to donate for the flood victims was also great. On the initiative of the works council, more than €11,000.00 was raised. With this money, the members of the works council bought urgently needed tools and machines and personally brought them to the region. At the same time, S+C decided to increase the amount further. 9,000.00 went in equal parts to three organizations in the Ahr valley that help the victims of the flood disaster there. Together the flood victims could be helped with 20.000,00 €.


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