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S+C charity marathon 2023

Family business gets involved in the region

Oberberg, December 06, 2023. This year, the Managing Partner of Schmidt + Clemens (S+C), Jan Schmidt-Krayer, is continuing the donation marathon that has already become a tradition. In 2023, the company boss will once again be visiting four institutions in the Oberberg region shortly before Christmas.

Yesterday, Lars Niemczewski, Head of Corporate Communications at S+C, handed over a cheque for €500.00 to the senior citizens' community of the Catholic parish in Frielingsdorf and, together with six of the company's trainees, presented 150 chocolate Santas to the food pantry in Frielingsdorf.

The marathon starts today in Wiehl, at Lebensfarben - Hilfen für Kinder und Jugendliche e.V., where Jan Schmidt-Krayer meets the association's chairwoman, Sandra Karsten. Lebensfarben advises, supports and accompanies children and young people whose parents are in existential stress situations such as mental illness and addiction. S+C is supporting the association's work with a donation of €5,000.00.

Following the appointment in Wiehl, the trip continues to Gummersbach. There, Schmidt-Krayer will hand over a cheque for €5,000.00 to the Chairman of Oberbergische Tafel e.V., Ulrich Pfeiffer. "We have been supporting the food banks financially and actively for several years now. Next week, our trainees will once again be helping out here on site and really getting stuck in," says Schmidt-Krayer.

Schmidt-Krayer and Niemczewski will make their final stop at the Freie Christliche Bekenntnisschule (FCBG) in Gummersbach. S+C is not only involved there as a partner of the secondary school and grammar school, but now also in an important digitalization project. "We want to support the purchase of tablets for the school's lower secondary level. Digitalization and artificial intelligence are the topics of the future. Pupils need to be introduced to modern technology at an early stage," says Jan Schmidt-Krayer. A total of 15 iPads can be purchased with the S+C donation of €11,250.00.

"We are a family business and in a family you stick together, and that's how we feel about the region. With a donation, we can support charitable institutions or educational projects, as well as sport," says Schmidt-Krayer. "Volunteering is also important to me. I think it's right and good when people get involved in society on a voluntary basis".


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Pictures: Schmidt + Clemens

Picture 1: Unterstützung für ein Digitalisierungsprojekt: Lars Niemczewski (S+C), Miriam Trippe (Leiterin Gymnasium FCBG), Jakob Holzrichter (Vorsitzender des Fördervereins der FCBG), Jan Schmidt-Krayer (geschäftsführender Gesellschafter S+C)
Picture 2: Finanzierung für zwei Kinderpatenschaften: Jan Schmidt-Krayer, Sandra Karsten (Vorsitzende Lebensfarben e.V.), Lars Niemczewski
Picture 3: Lars Niemczewski, Tanja Bremen (Leiterin der Suppenküche), Ulrich Pfeiffer (Vorsitzender Oberbergische Tafel e.V.), Jan Schmidt-Krayer


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