07/03/2023 – Category: Press Releases

Trainees support Lebensfarben association

Schmidt + Clemens takes over sponsorship for one year

Lindlar/Wiehl, July 3, 2023. The trainees from the information technology department of Schmidt + Clemens (S+C), the Lindlar-based stainless steel specialist, had a special idea: to refurbish discarded monitors and hand them out to employees in return for a contribution. This sustainable campaign raised € 2,310.00, which the apprentices Luca Agosta and Ilkcan Karatas were able to hand over today to Sandra Karsten and Hubertus Vierschilling from the Lebensfarben, Hilfen für Kinder und Jugendliche association.

Lebensfarben association supports children and young people who are growing up with a parent who is temporarily or permanently addicted or mentally ill. At present, the association cares for 67 children and young people through sponsorships, at the same time about 70 young people are waiting on a list, as the funds are currently not sufficient for further care.

The two board members thanked the S+C trainees and hope that many imitators will be found who will also support the Lebensfarben association with a sponsorship.


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