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New service company founded in Malaysia

Lindlar-based high alloy steel specialist Schmidt + Clemens (S+C) has founded a new service company in the South of Malaysia. In future, the Schmidt + Clemens Engineering Services Sdn. Bhd., based in Johor Bahru, will carry out the Corporate Group´s Asian service activities.

Service business manager Mr Peter Düster emphasises: "South Malaysia was particularly appealing for us, as we are very close to our customers' activities in this location. From our base there, we have fast access to the petrochemical plants in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. This ensures that we can guarantee our customers an optimum service."

Although S+C has delivered pre-finished tube systems for steam crackers and reformers in the past, the portfolio was gradually supplemented by adding the installation of tube systems several years ago. Today, S+C undertakes management of complete installation projects, from planning, development of the required infrastructure, through manufacture of the system hardware, removal and recycling of retired or damaged tube systems and installation of new equipment. From shutdown to start-up expertly handled by S+C. The company also offers a consultancy service for customers in the event of a repeat system start-up.

S+C's managing partner Mr Jan Schmidt-Krayer reports: "The economic framework conditions in Germany created by contemporary politics are becoming increasingly difficult, with the result that we have been investing in Asia for quite some time now. In addition, there is an ever stronger industry trend towards partnerships with system suppliers with installation capabilities."

In the coming years, S+C aims to expand its growth in the service sector. Today, projects are executed not only in Asia and the Middle East, but also increasingly in Europe.

Mr Peter Düster states: "In this business, speed is essential, yet above all, reliability is indispensable. A single lost day can immediately cost the plant operator hundreds of thousands of euros." S+C has demonstrated this optimum level of reliability several times in recent months. The new service centre in Malaysia allows the Corporate Group based in Lindlar to provide the Asian market with even more consolidated support, as well as expanding its share of the market.

The Schmidt + Clemens Group employs a staff of more than 1,000 worldwide (about 560 of them in Germany) and, in addition to its headquarters in Germany, also produces in Spain, the Czech Republic, Malaysia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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