Industrial Furnace Construction

Industrial Furnace Construction

While others become concerned, S+C are just warming up for action

For 140 years, we have continually developed our expertise in the production of wear-resistant and heat-resistant stainless steel components used in the construction of industrial furnaces. Thanks to one of the most effective Research and Development departments in the industry today, we are able to develop innovative, high-performance materials and produce groundbreaking stainless steel components.

The most recent example of the increased performance and longer lifespan offered by S+C products is the new high-performance material Centralloy® 60 HT R, which can be used in temperatures of up to 1250 °C.

Complementary to the outstanding specialist knowledge of our expert metallurgists, customers also benefit from the diversity of the S+C production capabilities, which range from static and spun castings to finished components.

With our products you can really turn up the heat!
Because our high-performance material Centralloy® 60 HT R can be used in temperatures of up to 1250 °C.

Your Benefit: Maintenance Made Easy

Our material range, combined with our process techniques, offers you the best solutions for many industrial furnace requirements.

In addition to expert material consultation services, the S+C portfolio also covers the entire range of casting techniques and opens up new horizons in terms of performance and durability, regardless of whether you use your industrial furnaces for sheet metal surface finishing or the production of alloy elements and pigments. Increased efficiency for your plant and cost savings through longer component life are our common goals.

Product Information

Produkt Informationen #1

Edition 28/07/2020

Indirectly-heated rotary kilns for demanding situations and bulk materials of ultra-high purity


Product Information #2

Edition 15/10/2020

Damages on indirectly heated rotary klins - Causes and Prevention


Product Information #3

Edition 27/10/2020

Indirectly heated rotary klins for the production of inorganic color pigments - Solutions for a trouble-free operation and a long service life


The S+C Portfolio

  • Furnace rollers
  • Galvanisation rollers
  • Rotary kilns
  • Pusher tubes
  • Retorts

The S+C Material Range

  • Centralloy® 60 HT R
  • CrNi alloys
  • Nickel-based alloys

Annual Report 2022

Industrial Furnace Construction

Range of materials


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